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The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to build a socialist modernization power with "rich, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful" and planned a "road map" for China's ecological civilization construction and green development in the future. General Secretary Xi emphasized many times: Green Mountain Qingqing

It is Jinshan Yinshan. It is our common mission and responsibility to treat the ecological environment like life, protect the ecological environment and build beautiful China.

Biomass energy is an important renewable energy. It has the characteristics of green, low carbon, clean and renewable. It is an important force in building an ecological civilization. It is the forerunner of the overall requirements of the general secretary of the internship "Green Water and Green Mountain". To strengthen exchanges and cooperation between China and the international biomass energy industry, and to enhance China's biomass energy industry and international students

Communication and cooperation between the material and energy industries to enhance the "going out" and "introduction" between China's biomass energy industry and the international biomass energy industry, and promote the competent departments and industry organizations of China's biomass energy industry. Establish a cooperation mechanism with the international biomass energy industry

to promote exchanges and cooperation between China and advanced biomass energy countries in technology, resources, markets, policies, etc., jointly sponsored by the International Energy Agency and the China Industrial Development Association. ...

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